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DeNeka C. Dove

Owner of Touch of Pizzazz


Touch of Pizzazz is motivated to give you an individual one-on-one spa service with convenience, precision and ultimate care. Each service is geared to making each experience special for each client with your mind, body and soul in mind.

Touch of Pizzazz is a service made available for personal services, education, corporate and social events.



A little can go along way. So let's give just enough pizzazz for your needs.

Our Philosophy

Our Story

It is inspiring to consider the pleasant attitude and care when taking care of client's needs. Ms. Dove prides her services in focusing on each clients individual needs to help ease and relax as well as make the experience enjoyable..


Giving focus on clients senses and time, Ms. Dove gives attention to detail and impeccable service, availability and style.


Clients mental and personal care is just as important in the service experience besides the physical esthetics being serviced. Ms. Dove gets to know her clients and hopes to build long-lasting friends and connections over the years..


A TOUCH OF PIZZAZZ, is not limited to one location but is open to travel based on clients needs and requests after consultation. Ms. Dove respects clients needs and concerns as she desires to give the best quality of service. Travel for services will be at an added fee.

Words from the Owner

Every one should pride themselves on a well kept appearance with the convenience of a personal stylist who prides herself on proper hygiene and impeccable service.


"If it is unique and caters to your individual needs and time, we want to be there for you."


Let us know how I can be of service to you. Your service is of high value and quality to me. Where just a touch is enough. - Touch of Pizzazz.

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