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A La Carte

Need a protective style without the tension and fuss of a sew-in, versatility and of course a change in hair texture and/or style. Crochet offers freedom without the major stress on the scalp and hair pulling.


  • Coils start at 90.00 and up
  • Crochet start at $125.00 and up
  • Crochet added cut and styling $20.00
  • Quickstyle $50.00 and up
  • Rod Set start $80.00 and up
  • Shampoo and blowout $50.00 and up
  • Simple bun $50.00
  • Twist  out $60.00
  • Updo (braid/flat twist) $70.00 and up
  • Wash and go $40
  • Silk Press/Wrap $80.00



Hair Treatments

The perfect foundation for skin and makeup is a healthy skincare routine. Natural based products and a intense cleansing can asisst in minimizing blemishes, reduce acne and buildup of clogged pores. Makeup application can add to the finishing touches of yoru skincare routine enhancing your natural beauty.

  • Eyebrow Waxing/Shaping $15.00
  • Facial Treatment start at $60.00

Makeup Application

  • Just a Touch (Makeup Only) $60.00
  • Touch of Glam $80.00
  • Pizzazz It Up $110.00

Each strand needs some T.L.C. which may include a deep condition treatment, steam treatment, hair trim, hair bath, scalp exfoliation or color service. Each service is added on to your service as scheduled to promote healthy and stylish hair for each individual client.

  • Hair trim $15.00 and up
  • Hair cuts start at $25.00 and up
  • Hair color start at $25.00 and up
  • Deep Condition $10.00
  • Hot OIl Treatment $15.00
  • Protein Treatment $20.00
  • Scalp  Exfoliation $25.00
  • Steam Treatment $30.00

Locs come in many textures and length. Loc maintenance with a consistent regimen is essential to hair growth and health, reduction of scalp buildup and residue, as well as overall manageability and styling.

  • Starter locs start at $120.00
  • Loc maintenance start at $70.00 and up
  • Loc washing $40.00
  • Loc pruning/trim $30.00
  • Loc styling $20.00 and up
  • Loc bath $20.00
  • Micro locs install $500 and up
  • Rope Twist $20.00
  • Faux loc Installation $

Two Strand Twists

Braid Styles

Natural two strand twists are an excellent protective style for young and old, casual and professional. Two strands can be easily pinned up, braided into a quickstyle as well as the start to a beautiful twist out. Add additional hair to the style for length, fullness, and longevity of the style with touch ups.

  • Natural Two Strand Twists start at $70.00 and up
  • Two Strand Extensions start at $195.00 and up


Needing low maintenance and get-up and go styles, use some braids for men, women and children. Cornrows, braided updos, children's braid styles can assist with protective styling and minimize prep time in your daily routine. Extension hair can be added for length and style as well.

  • Children's braid styles start at $60.00 and up
  • Braid down/basic cornrows start at $70.00 and up
  • Braided updos start at $70 and up
  • Box braids start at $210.00 and up
  • Knotless braids $225.00 and up

(Tribal, Lemonade, Goddess, Fishbone, and etc. - PRICES VARY)

Loc Maintenance

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