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Stepping out or just a little glow, makeup application can enhance and complete your look. Experienced in day-to-day, fashion runway, photography, and bridal. Just a Touch of Pizzazz can be there for you.

Makeup Application

Hair Care Services

Taming your locs and curls can change your look in just a touch. Find your desired style, a look that compliments your face shape and manageability. Let us help you discover your best look and a flare of your own.

Receive 10% off your first service with Touch of Pizzazz. For more information about the promotion, please contact us.


Taking care of clients personal care needs is essential. Being familiar with the best line of products, both reasonable and beneficial are two components to helping maintain healthy skin and hair. Let us help you get educated and manage your routine.

Supple and radiant skin make for a wonderful foundation to a smiling face. Professional skincare products catering to oily, dry, combination and senstive skin are used as well as natural remedies can be used.


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